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Digital Transformation

We will accompany you along the path of digital transformation.

For several years now, digital transformation has been identified as the most important topic in the industrial study “Chemie Monitor” (chemistry monitor) that is regularly conducted by H&P. Digitization also has a growing impact on market and sales strategies. While only a small number of companies in the chemical and process industries can be identified as digital pioneers, the majority of companies are still looking for that formula to achieve digital success. In particular, the development of a multi-channel mix that considers a digital sales channel and the associated pricing is considered one of the central issues. We also use industry benchmarks to support the identification of digital levers and the subsequent development of holistic digital and multi-channel strategies.

Optimally positioned digitally – our Digital Transformation service portfolio.

  • Digital Fitness Check (DFC)
  • Digital market strategy
  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Digital pricing strategy

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