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What defines us

As individual and diverse as our employees might be, they have one thing in common: A passion for consulting. Understanding complex problems and developing suitable concept solutions for our customers is at the core of our daily consulting services. Our corporate values are the binding guidelines for dealing with our customers and colleagues.

Gruppenporträt der Führungsebene von Homburg & Partner
Sven Kühlborn setzt schwarzen Stift auf Glaswand an, Johanna Apfl, Mark Schröder und Markus Pfeifer sehen zu
Johanna Apfl, Daniel Antolin, Alexander Lüring und Ineke Schydlo sitzen an einem Tisch und sprechen
Markus Pfeifer unterlegt eine Aussage per Handgeste, Alexander Lüring sieht begeistert zu


Results at the highest level distinguish us and have brought us to where we are today. In order to further develop this strength, we always strive to repeatedly win over and inspire our customers with excellent work, high quality, reliability and well thought-out, innovative solutions.

We do not compromise, but work together to achieve this goal because we are proud of our achievements and those of our colleagues. This is what sets us apart.


We highly value diversity in our staff and ensure an open and trusting working atmosphere in which performance is encouraged and every person can contribute their individual skills and experience in the best possible way.

In addition, we offer support and create space for each individual to achieve their goals and realize their professional potential at our company. Every day we are motivated anew to ponder even the most complex challenges, to develop tailor-made solutions and to implement them successfully.


The enthusiasm for our daily work is what drives and motivates us to look beyond our own horizons. Joining our customers, we always strive for the best solution: We are not satisfied with the average and off-the-shelf concepts. We are ambitious and enjoy our work, which entails developing solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ specific problems.

The passion for what we do is our source of creativity and inspiration in the development of goal-oriented solutions. Our goal is to infect customers with this enthusiasm and win them over as long-term partners.


We always treat our customers and our colleagues with the highest esteem. For us, this also means that they can rely on our integrity, trustworthiness and honesty at all times. We attach great importance to empathy as a basic prerequisite to respectfully working together.

Our cooperation is based on a culture of open communication. We say what we think, do what we say, and judge suggestions objectively – regardless of the person who voices them. We present our skills openly and promise only what we can actually keep.

Team spirit

The way we work together is characterized by a spirit of partnership, both with our customers and with each other. We see team spirit as a main factor for our company’s success, because we know that, as a team, we are capable of peak performance.

We work together constructively and collegially and always make our knowledge and experience available. We are aware of the high demands that our customers place on us and create an environment of mutual support in which we take responsibility for each other and respect each other.


We are committed to generating measurable results for our customers that exceed their investments many times over. That is why our goal is to position our customers for the future and sustainably increase their competitiveness.

We always handle our customers’ resources responsibly and take efficiency into account at all times. We only provide solutions that we are convinced will generate real added value and offer a reasonable cost-benefit ratio for our customers.

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Without our employees, we would not be what we are today: one of the best consulting firms for strategy, sales and pricing.

Homburg & Partner is the perfect employer for all those who are passionate about our industries and topics and will contribute their passion, motivation and confidence to achieve an exceptional team performance. Together with experienced colleagues you will develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. We value individuality highly not only in our consulting services, but also with regard to your career.

Fünf Mitglieder der Führungsebene von Homburg & Partner sitzen um einen Tisch herum und sprechen
Fünf Mitglieder der Führungsebene von Homburg & Partner sitzen um einen Tisch, auf dem ein Laptop steht und diskutieren angeregt
Sven Kühlborn beginnt, mit einem schwarzen Stift auf ein Whiteboard zu schreiben und spricht dabei mit Johanna Apfl und Mark Schröder