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Market & Customer Insights

Better understand markets and customers.

To improve the marketing and sales of construction products and services, you need to understand where construction needs arise, the channels and influences through which products and services reach the building site and the building, and the decision criteria and satisfaction drivers of architects, planners, dealers, processors, investors and end users. We are experts in these fields and support you in the conception and implementation of tailor-made solutions for your company.

The right strategy for big trends.

How attractive are current and future sales markets for construction products, where do the greatest construction needs arise, wherein lies the potential of the future? How do the megatrends such as population growth, demographic change, urbanization, climate protection and digitization affect the sales markets for construction suppliers? Through market models and potential analyses, we support your growth prospects and single out your options. Pragmatic, functional and ideally familiar solutions are expected, especially in fields of traditional craftsmanship. Not a perfect playground for innovation and thus reason enough not to follow every trend. But there is also the risk of missing the really important trends. A systematic trend screening in all relevant target groups is required: Which materials and solutions will architects use to plan their buildings in the future? Which logistics solutions will the tradesman expect from dealers and manufacturers in the future in order to counter the shrinking work capacity that is a consequence of the shortage of skilled workers?

We support you in finding innovative ideas and give impulses for product and service development.

The map for the Customer Journey.

The information and decision-making channels for construction and HVAC products are much more diverse than in the past. The interaction of traditional “offline” touch points with digital ones is customized and complex. At the same time, the permeability and transparency of information has also increased in the construction industry and has increased the informational power of all target groups. The challenge for manufacturers of construction and HVAC products is to design the customer touch points of all target groups in such a way that the customers experience them optimally – for craftsmen, architects, dealers, end users and investors alike.

We support you in the systematic analysis of the customer journey of your target groups and the optimization of the customer experience.

The measuring instruments for customer satisfaction.

Successful construction suppliers actively manage the satisfaction of all relevant target groups. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are among the most important key figures of a company. This not only concerns the purchasing customer, but especially all target groups in the construction industry that influence the use, processing and application of a product in building construction or use. How satisfied are retailers with the availability of goods and delivery performance? How do craftsmen rate the ease of installation and how satisfied are architects and planners with the availability of BIM objects and tender texts?

We support you with precisely tailored questions, both in periodic and business transaction-related customer satisfaction analyses. In addition, we use the analysis results to present optimization approaches to increase customer loyalty in the long term.

Additional knowledge for the acquisition.

The markets of the construction supply industry are consolidated to varying degrees. In some markets, a market shakeout and associated consolidation are imminent. Commercial Due Diligence is indispensable where a company acquisition is being considered as a supplement to organic growth.

We carry out commercial due diligence measures for both financial investors and manufacturers. This is where our entire range of market-oriented methods comes into play. Naturally, our format also meets all the requirements of financing banks and other stakeholders.

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