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Market Strategy

Reach sustainable market success with the right strategy.

There are barriers to growth in the domestic markets, and the shortage of skilled workers is limiting construction volumes. Global population growth and the associated demand for living space, the urbanization process that is shifting building needs to urban conurbations, and the continuing importance of climate-friendly building materials offer promising opportunities for growth for manufacturers of materials and building equipment. The investment climate is becoming rougher in times of national protectionism and political uncertainty. Market structures and market access differ from state to state. The company’s own market strategy must therefore be regularly scrutinized and adapted to current environmental factors in order to be well positioned for the future.

Our Market Strategy Excellence (MSE) approach provides companies with a simple, modular guide to systematically develop their market-oriented strategy in four phases. The phases comprise strategic concepts and tried and tested instruments that simplify strategy development.

Tailor-made business models for new challenges.

Changes in the construction supply industry, changes in information flows, planning and decision-making processes and not least the threat of new digital business models and exponential organizations make it necessary for established manufacturers to question their business models: What benefits do we provide for customers and business partners in the construction environment? Which products, services and solutions produce this benefit? How will we earn money with these? Will this business model allow us to survive in the market in the future?

Answering this question is crucial. We will support you in the development and optimization of business models with tried and tested methods.

Customer loyalty through brand strength.

In times of uncertainty, the yearning for security is all the greater. A strong brand in the building environment promises reliability to architects, planners, craftsmen and building users. We will support you in developing brand strategies based on well-founded target group analyses. What does our brand represent? What role do product brands play? How meaningful are two-brand strategies and private labels for our market success?

We help you answer these and other critical questions in the discussion about the right brand strategy for your company.

Sustainable growth through holistic optimization.

Growth is where construction takes place. This is the case both domestically and internationally. Growth strategies must be geared to this fact. The potential of the future must be systematically evaluated. Target groups must be worked on systematically and sales channels must be consistently occupied in order to optimally participate in the national and international growth in the construction sector.

A consistent line by means of Route-to-Market management.

The path taken by our own products and services to the market – the route to market – is undergoing radical change. Driven by new competitors, larger portfolios and changing sales channels. Manufacturers in the construction supply industry must adapt to these changes and also rethink traditional concepts. For decades, loyalty to specialist retailers was a valuable commodity, one that must be questioned today. Even the uncontrolled diffusion of one’s own products via intricate online paths can be risky. Active management of the Route to Market and optimization in terms of sustainability are essential.

With our methods and market know-how, we support you in this process and ensure a systematic approach including an assessment of benefits vs risks.

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