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Sales Excellence

Sustainability & growth through Sales Excellence.

The sale of construction materials and elements, SHK products and building equipment is changing. The three-level sales model in the German market is increasingly being questioned and direct sales models are emerging. The importance of search and comparison platforms for construction products is also growing and the planning process using BIM is undergoing fundamental transformation. At the same time, networking in international project business at a high level is also gaining in importance. The sales structures must be oriented towards the structural change of three-level sales. Whoever wants to participate in the large construction volumes of top international projects must be able to simultaneously manage international networks of architects, engineering firms, GCs and investors.

With the help of sustainable sales structures and optimized productivity, we help you to react to the changes in the industry and to use the new framework conditions to your advantage.

International expertise to optimize sales.

More than 300 international projects have given us a solid basis for comparison as well as proven benchmarks for your sales success. With the Sales Excellence approach, we have a unique methodology that has been tried and tested in practice. We measurably increase your sales success and EBIT with the help of Sales Excellence. In the construction industry, the dimensions of the Sales Excellence approach are aligned with the market mechanisms of the construction supply industry. The approach takes the processing of all target groups involved in construction and established as well as new sales structures, three-stage sales and (digital) direct sales into account.

  • Sales strategy
  • Sales organization
  • Multi-channel management
  • Key-account management
  • CRM concept design
  • Sales control

With our experienced team and our tried and tested methods, we can help you optimize your sales activities across different channels and focused on all relevant target groups in the domestic and international construction supply trade. Our sales reorganization projects focus on increasing sales efficiency and optimizing sales productivity.

Scalable sales structures for sustainable competitiveness.

In the age of exponential and digital business models that turn entire established industry and service sectors upside down, it is vital to consistently orient sales on efficiency. Efficient and scalable sales structures are needed to protect against large competitors such as Amazon and Alibaba. The following questions now have to be asked:

  • What role will the representatives in the field play in the future?
  • What role will stationary retail play in the future?
  • Can we efficiently sell our portfolio parts directly?
  • What role will e-commerce play in the future of sales in construction?
  • Which structures are best suited to increase our sales efficiency in order to be able to compete in the future?

In the course of numerous projects, we will support you to noticeably increase your sales productivity.

Digitized sales processes for sustainable efficiency.

Processes in sales are changing lastingly and are becoming more digital. This ranges from the iPad for field staff to multi-channel management, which presents customers with a coherent sales appearance both on- and offline. We reveal what degree of digitization in sales is appropriate for your company today and tomorrow, what “benchmark” means and what you can learn from other related business models. Digital distribution models open up new opportunities for those who know how to use them – and challenge those who reject these.

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