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Market Strategy Excellence

Growth through engaging strategies that meet market needs.

A strategic market orientation is one of the central building blocks for corporate success in the dynamic OTC sector. We support Consumer Healthcare companies in the development and implementation of successful and long-term strategies. Our common goal: a comprehensive plan with powerful growth impulses for your success. We would be pleased to work for you in the following areas, among others:

  • Corporate strategy / business division strategy
  • Digitization strategy
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Portfolio strategy/ product strategy/ brand strategy
  • Market entry strategy
  • Competitive strategy

The following project examples show our approach in practice:

  • Global indication strategy for a leading OTC company with an annual topline potential of approx. EUR 0.4 billion
  • Internationalization strategy for a medium-sized OTC company with an annual topline potential of approx. EUR 70 million
  • European growth strategy for a medium-sized market leader in the field of medical products with growth potential of approx. 17 % per year

Market Strategy Excellence – our expertise

Market Strategy Consulting

Full market transparency.

Full market transparency forms the foundation of a successful and long-term corporate strategy. We analyze the market and the status quo in your company along the 5-C framework in a structured manner:

  • Consumers: Which patient groups have the greatest potential? What does their “Consumer Journey” (path of therapy) look like? What unmet demands and needs are there?
  • Competitors: Which competitors are in the relevant market? How are they positioned and what are their performance, strengths and vulnerabilities?
  • Channels: How does the market work? Which marketing and sales channels are the key to success? How important are the touch points for the purchasing decision?
  • Context: Which regulatory barriers are there? Which KOLs influence the market environment? How do they recommend/prescribe/refund?
  • Company: What competencies does your company already have and what competencies still need to be developed?

Based on the analysis, we evaluate the collected facts and trends using estimation methods and extrapolate them, among others, in the form of market potentials and annual growth rates. The bases for these, among others, can be expert estimates or the results of market research. This allows us to identify potential areas for growth that are tailored to your needs in all areas of the 5-C model. The next step is the interpretation of our results from the descriptive analysis and the projection of the trends. By using a SWOT analysis, we conduct a comprehensive survey and systematic comparison of strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks as influencing factors on your company’s success in order to derive strategic potentials that are internally and externally relevant to success.

Target-oriented strategy.

From the gained transparency we formulate a target situation in the form of a “House-of-Strategy” with visions, goals, growth levers and success factors. An easily understandable, ambitious vision and objectives form the core of a successful strategy for profitable growth. In order to achieve these targets, it is important to identify specific growth levers and derive internal precondition in a structured process. As a decision-making aid for the development of the strategy, we calculate business cases along various scenarios that quantitatively indicate market- and company-specific potentials.

Successful implementation.

In order to successfully complete the development of the strategy, the last step is to ensure a successful implementation. To do so, we translate the defined growth levers into operational measures and break them down into concrete work packages. We will gladly accompany you throughout the entire implementation process. While doing so, we take on different roles and always support you according to your specific needs. From project management with planning, management and control including regular reporting to the management to strategic sparring and topic-specific coaching, we work together for your success.

Do you have questions or would you like to discuss the topic? Then do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Healthcare experts.

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