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Two key drivers for business success: customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

The economic success of your company is significantly influenced by your customers’ satisfaction. Satisfied customers are generally not only more loyal, they also buy your products more regularly, pay higher prices and recommend your company to others. Conversely, neglecting dissatisfied customers can result in valuable feedback being lost, disappointed buyers migrating to competitors, or negative stories about your business.

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are therefore among the central control parameters of market-oriented companies. Especially in highly competitive markets, which are increasingly characterized by demanding customers, the active management of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty plays an important role. In this context, a customer satisfaction analysis – especially in the B2B environment – is becoming increasingly important. Only the collection and evaluation of relevant measurement data provides the necessary basis for successful strategic decision-making.

Are you in a position to excite your customers with your offer and service?

A customer satisfaction measurement in connection with a customer satisfaction analysis provides valuable information about your company’s success. Depending on your objectives, we work with you to define the most appropriate method and procedure for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. In a further step, we then carry out the measurement and interpret the results within the framework of a customer satisfaction analysis. We also offer our support in the implementation of measures to optimize your company’s performance on the basis of the results.

The right method for your survey

Depending on the task and objective, we recommend that our clients conduct periodic surveys or even case- or event-based surveys. The periodic survey is a holistic measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty at intervals of one to three years. Here, comprehensive feedback from your customers on various contact points with your company is collected and statistically evaluated. Case- or event-based customer satisfaction surveys focus on the timely and detailed measurement of customer satisfaction at particularly relevant contact points, the so-called “moments of truth”. This way, performance can be continuously observed and optimized along the same points of contact. The choice between both methods has to be made based on the objectives that the survey is supposed to achieve.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Methods Consulting
  • Survey of a holistic picture on various topics
  • Extensive database for diverse analyses
  • Valid benchmarks also possible with external data
  • Valid and representative results as a basis for incentive concepts, for example
  • Continuous feedback and thus immediate monitoring of the success of implemented measures
  • Direct and targeted (re-)action at the individual customer level
  • Evaluation of the performance as long as the experience is still “fresh”
  • Uncovering causes of complaint that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Suitable as an early warning system
  • Reduced required time or effort for customers

Three steps of a Homburg & Partner customer satisfaction analysis:

We define a suitable scoping together with you and select the most suitable method. Next, we develop surveys tailored to your business model and define quick and stable survey processes. We ensure that common key figures (e.g. Net Promotor Score, Customer Satisfaction Index) are correctly depicted in the survey.

We support you in collecting the data or take care of the entire survey process. All conventional survey methods (online, telephone) are used. In order to conduct telephone surveys, we have a professional network of call center resources on three continents at our disposal. These all have a pronounced expertise in the B2B environment and can rely on extensive experience with target groups that are difficult to access.

We can then help you select the most suitable tools and systems for conducting case-based surveys. The reliable statistical evaluation of the collected data is a matter of course for us. After 20 years of experience in the field of satisfaction measurement, we have an industry-specific benchmark database at our disposal. The option to compare with peers from your industry can provide you with valuable additional insights. In addition, our Big Data experts connect the survey results with relevant data from your ERP and CRM systems. This makes any action fields even more visible.

As a consulting firm with market research expertise, we have a holistic and entrepreneurial view of customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement.  The derivation of areas for optimization and support in the definition of measures as well as their implementation is what distinguishes us.

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