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Digital Value Creation: How to succeed in the supreme discipline

How do I recognize opportunities for my company in digitally transformed markets? How do I decide which digital products and services to bring to the market? To which target groups do I sell them? Through which distribution channels and at what prices? And how do I make sure that all these decisions are really accepted by my customers?

Concrete success stories offer the best answers to questions of digital value creation. They show how digital solutions are created under real conditions that really help companies. We have been able to accompany numerous clients from various industries in this process. We have turned the 12 most impressive success stories into case studies. As different as these 12 project examples are, they all have one thing in common: they all describe unique digital solutions – most likely also for the topics that concern you personally.

Digital Value Creation & Capture: Interactive Map

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Digital Landscaping AI-driven Customer Segmentation Customer Experience Management Digital Service Portfolio Digital Product Innovation Digital Marketing Excellence Digital Service Monetization Data-driven Pricing CRM Sales Strategy Multichannel Excellence E-Commerce Platform Marketing Channel Impact

Digital Value Creation: List of all case studies

Kachel des Digital-Landscaping Case

Digital Landscaping

Mapping new digital segments to understand markets and determine the where-to-play.

Kachel des AI-based Customer Segmentation Case

AI-driven Customer Segmentation

Big-data-based segmentation to effectively align market cultivation with customer needs.

Kachel des Customer Experience Management Case

Customer Experience Management

Digital management of customer satisfaction and customer needs in real time.

Kachel des Digital Service Portfolio Case

Digital Service Portfolio

Invention of new digital services to offer a unique B2B service journey.

Kachel des Digital Product Innovation Case

Digital Product Innovation

Development of a digital solution that effectively addresses unmet needs customer needs.

Kachel des Digital Marketing Excellence Case

Digital Marketing Excellence

Comprehensive go-to-market approach for digital solutions to realize their potential in the best possible way.

Kachel des Digital Service Monetization Case

Digital Service Monetization

Identify and realize the right price and business models for new digital services.

Kachel des Data-driven Pricing Case

Data-driven Pricing

Implement smart pricing with big-data support and achieve direct revenue effects.

Kachel des CRM Sales Strategy Case

CRM Sales Strategy

Set a strategic sales course to ensure optimal CRM integration.

Kachel des Multichannel Excellence Case

Multichannel Excellence

Optimally align sales channels and communication strategy with customer preferences.

Kachel des E-Commerce Platform Case

E-Commerce Platform

Development of a new B2B online marketplace in a hotly contested growth market.

Kachel des Marketing Channel Impact Case

Marketing Channel Impact

Measure and increase effectiveness of communication channels with Big Data support.

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