buyer persona

People and their needs are heterogeneous and complex. Buyer personas help to define and understand target groups and to design sales campaigns for these clearly defined target audiences.

Thus, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional person, representing an intersection of typical characteristics of a defined target group.

By the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, Buyer Personas are matched with individual characteristics, needs and traits. These include sociodemographic characteristics, such as age, gender, education, place of residence or income, but also needs resulting from interests or channel preferences.

Since needs are not constant and change faster and faster, especially in a digitalized environment, continuous control and adaptation of the created Buyer Personas is necessary.

Successful working with Buyer Personas in sales requires a good data base of both internal (e.g. marketing, sales, service) and external (e.g. market research) sources. Since effective sales design (e.g. value or sales argumentation) and allocation (e.g. sales channels) are derived from existing customer needs, Buyer Personas help to develop targeted sales strategies.

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