customer loyalty management

Customer loyalty management describes the targeted use of instruments to ensure the long-term loyalty of selected existing customers with the company.

It is not only about ensuring high customer satisfaction, but also about creating long-term loyalty. Although customer satisfaction is a necessary condition for customer loyalty, it is not a guarantee. In many industries, it can be observed that even satisfied customers show little loyalty to a supplier (e.g. telecommunications industry, food retail, energy industry). Against this background, active customer loyalty management needs to go beyond simply ensuring customer satisfaction.

However, creating true customer loyalty is often associated with high investments. Therefore, the customer loyalty management department needs to decide carefully, which customer segments are suitable for customer loyalty management and which instruments are best to use. This is why it is essential that customer loyalty management is deeply anchored within the sales strategy. An integrated approach for important corporate customers is represented by the key account management, which uses various customer loyalty tools.

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