customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) involves the planning, implementation, control and alignment of all corporate activities that aim to increase the profitability of the customer relationship and thus to optimize the customer portfolio.

CRM is a holistic and strategic approach, supported by technical CRM systems in order to plan, control and execute all interactive processes with customers. In this context, CRM systems essentially fulfil three main tasks:

  1. Communicative CRM refers to the coordination of all communication channels with link to the customer (e.g. internet, direct mail, telephone or personal contacts) in order to enable an efficient and coordinated appearance of all customer contacts.
  2. Operational CRM focuses on supporting marketing, sales and service-related activities that go beyond mere communication with the customer. Software solutions can facilitate the planning and processing of direct marketing campaigns as well as the preparation and follow-up of customer visits by the field service or the complaint management department.
  3. Analytical CRM is used to systematically collect, store and evaluate all data related to customers, competition and market. This is often used as basis for the reporting on relevant sales activities.
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