database marketing

Database marketing represents target group-oriented direct marketing based on detailed and structured customer information.

This customer information includes, for example, data on transactions, social media behavior as well as action, purchase and reaction behavior. The information is stored in databases and can be collected in data warehouses in order to be used for analyses, statistics and marketing or sales campaigns.

By defining different data categories, query forms can be used to quickly generate customer-specific data. This data can then, for example, be used for automated newsletters. Database marketing is an integral part of e-commerce, as customer data can be easily collected by the company and at the same time be managed by the customer (e.g. through a customer account). For instance, online retailers like Amazon evaluate search strings used by customers, the length of stay on the website, or the duration of purchases.

Generated data is available in large quantities and can be collected without great expense. The challenge for the companies is then to identify patterns and to convert the unstructured customer data into actually applicable customer knowledge.

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