e-commerce pricing

E-commerce pricing refers to the pricing in online trade.

E-commerce pricing is a key challenge for many companies, as the framework conditions for pricing differ significantly from the offline world. Due to the high level of information transparency, prices can be compared quickly and easily, which leads to an increased information base for customers and competitors. This transparency is additionally promoted by more and more comparison portals in B2C as well as B2B. For many providers, this is compounded by the difficulty of price differentiation and price conflicts between individual sales channels.

These issues need to be addressed through intelligent use of the data available online. Thus, price changes in experiments, for example, can be used comparably easily for e-commerce pricing in order to evaluate sales effects and optimize one’s own pricing. The evaluation of accumulated usage data offers additional potential for optimization. Besides, evaluating purchase histories in combination with intelligent algorithms enables predictive dynamic pricing and serves to capture the actual willingness to pay.

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