multichannel strategy

Multichannel strategy refers to a supplier’s approach of using different channels for communication and sales activities simultaneously.

One example for a multichannel strategy is an industrial goods company that uses its own field sales force, independent sales agents, call centers and its own online shop to sell its products. Multichannel strategies require the systematic management of all individual channels. Thus, additional channels must reach a critical mass in order to be operated profitably. Mutual coordination is essential in order to avoid cannibalization effects and customer confusion.

Systematic multichannel strategies enable consistent and efficient market cultivation and sales performance adapted to the needs of individual customer groups. At the same time, the dependence on individual sales partners can be reduced. A multichannel strategy is a combination of inbound and outbound marketing. It enables the supplier to serve its customers by their distribution channel of choice and at the same time to be more independent from predefined channels.

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