sales digitalization

Sales digitalization describes all digital transformations, representations and implementations of sales processes.

Sales digitalization is a complex phenomenon and includes aspects such as the online sale of products (e-commerce), automated e-mails or chatbots for customer enquiries and supporting data analysis or optimization measures via software. Sales digitalization often pursues a “pull logic” and thus reacts to the changing purchasing behavior in B2B markets. Studies show that nowadays up to 57 percent of the purchasing process is already completed before B2B buyers reach out for personal sales contact for the first time. In contrast to the traditional sales model, the sales digitalization attempts to counteract this development by transferring the possibility to give the initial purchase impulse to the customer. Thus, the customer decides when, where and in what form the sales department is involved. To achieve this, all relevant information must be provided proactively to the customer on all channels.

Sales digitalization enables a more individual and faster path to the customer compared with traditional sales structures. In addition to a company’s own website, other digital channels such as social networks or communities enable direct interaction with the customer. As underlying strategies, processes and behaviors need to be changed in depth, sales digitalization often is a long-term change management process.

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