sales potential

The sales potential describes the maximum market size for a product at a certain point in time and therefore represents the upper limit for potential product sales.

Thus, the sales potential describes the part of the market potential attributable to the company or product under consideration. The sales potential is determined by a market analysis, taking competitors, image, customer structure and market resistance into account. The market analysis results in data on potential, which then provides information on customer-specific demand volume. Based on this data, it is possible to determine the total demand of a customer for a specific product at a certain point in time. Particularly noteworthy at this point is the information on cross-product­ sales potential of customers, so-called cross-selling potential, which is becoming increasingly important. In this context, potential supplementary product purchases of a customer – additional to already placed orders – are considered. Thus, data on potential provides important input for the creation of customer portfolios.

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