tele sales

Tele sales is a form of direct sales that uses telephone communication for the whole or partial process of customer acquisition, customer consultation and conclusion of contract.

This process can be carried out either by the company’s own sales staff or by an external call center. Tele sales is cost- and time-saving for both, the supplier and the customer, as no physical meeting of the two parties is required for the consultation or sales talk. At the same time, customer needs can be discussed directly and individually.

Tele sales is usually seen as an additional channel for customer interaction and bears high potential, especially in B2B, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force through a coordinated approach.

Incoming calls in tele sales are generally unproblematic from a legal point of view. For outgoing calls, however, a distinction must be made between private individuals (B2C) and businesses (B2B). In B2C, advertising calls without consent are generally prohibited. However, calls in B2B are permitted whenever a supplier can assume a legitimate interest by the potential customer (see Cold Calling).

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