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We understand your market and increase growth and profitability.

Homburg & Partner has been helping companies in the capital goods industry to successfully operate in the market for 20 years. Our comprehensive understanding of different markets, business models and technologies allows our clients to measurably and lastingly increase their market orientation, growth and profitability.

High technological and product competence, continuous innovation and consistent internationalization have made many manufacturers of components, machines and plants world market leaders in their niche markets. In today’s globalized competitive environment, this leading position must be defended with greater dedication than ever before. To achieve this, previously untapped potential in market development must be tapped.

At the same time, Industry 4.0 and the digitization of services and processes are bringing about extensive transformations in companies and equally necessitates new business models – both in new machine business and after-sales service. IoT-supported Smart Manufacturing processes revolutionize the networking of components and machines. Plants independently coordinate procurement, production and maintenance processes. Information and manufacturing technology are merging.

In order to successfully master these challenges, capital goods manufacturers must understand their markets and customer requirements better, adapt their market strategies and consistently align their organizational structures and processes with the market. We will support you in doing so with our years of experience, extensive methodological knowledge as well as tailor-made tools and software solutions for you to achieve market success!

Our services for companies from the industrial goods sector:

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Market Strategy

Reach sustainable market success with an innovative and bespoke strategy!

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Sales & Service Excellence

We will increase your company growth through Sales Excellence!

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Market & Customer Insights

Better understand markets and increase available information to make decisions.

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Pricing Excellence

We increase your company’s profitability through Pricing Excellence!

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Spare Parts Pricing

Activate unused profit levers through optimized spare parts pricing!

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Pricing Tools

Discover pricing software that makes work easier for leading industrial companies.

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We offer specific expertise for the relevant sub-sectors of the capital goods industry:

Increasing diversity in variants is increasing the complexity of portfolio management, sales and pricing for many component manufacturers. The role of end users is becoming increasingly important due to specifications and the growing replacement and service business.

The expansion of solution competencies and system sales strengthens our position vis-à-vis mass manufacturers. At the same time, online trade opens up new sales channels, but also increases competitive pressure and creates new challenges through increasing price transparency. The professional management of sales channels and sales partners is becoming increasingly important in order to accurately serve different customer segments.

Innovative and data-based business models such as predictive maintenance are gaining in importance and require new skills in IT, software and the cloud. Growing customer orientation has led to the development of complex service portfolios with a wide range of variants. A properly coordinated management of sales channels and international sales partners is crucial. At the same time, we need to better address fast-growing mid-market segments in emerging markets. The after-sales service business continues to gain in importance as a growth and profitability driver. Furthermore, the pricing of new machines, spare parts and services often offers great potential for optimization, which can be exploited through differentiated and market-oriented strategies.

Plant manufacturers often have to master a wide range of technologies and understand applications. In addition, there are new skills requirements in the areas of IT, software and the cloud. In order to maintain competitiveness, the management of value creation depths is also gaining in significance. Due to high investment costs, individual customer segments are increasingly opening up to operator models, enabling plant manufacturers to develop new business models. Efficient sales processes, tender management and smart bid/no-bid decisions are critical to success. In addition, project- and benefit-oriented pricing in new businesses and a differentiated pricing of spare parts are indispensable.

Our experts for Industrial Goods & Services

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Managing director & Partner

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Markus Pfeifer
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Daniel Antolin
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Daniel Lindner
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Benjamin Thelen
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