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Market & Customer Insights

We help to better understand markets and to make information available to make decisions.

Do you know your market potential and your customers’ satisfaction? Without sound market information, no good management decisions can be made. Strategy development without market data is like crossing the Atlantic without a GPS system and compass. We quantify market potentials and identify market trends, analyze competitors and evaluate the attractiveness of markets. We measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and optimize relevant customer contact points.

We analyze international markets holistically and point out potentials and hurdles for market success. Do you want to quantify the size of a market or better understand its future development? Are you planning to enter a new market segment or penetrate an existing target group? We develop market models for you to determine market volume and market potential. We assess the attractiveness of international markets on the basis of the competitive situation, accessibility and future trends. We determine the most suitable research methods for you and identify your optimal information sources. We translate data into information that is useful for your decision-making.

The economic success of your company is significantly influenced by your customers’ satisfaction. Satisfied customers are not only more loyal, they also buy more regularly, pay higher prices and recommend your company to others. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are therefore among the central control parameters of market-oriented companies. Are you in a position to excite your customers with your offer and service? Depending on your objectives, we work with you to define the most appropriate method and procedure for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When developing new products and opening up new markets, a sound understanding of customer needs, expectations and criteria for purchase decisions is essential. We develop suitable survey concepts and successfully implement them internationally, even in difficult target groups. We create transparency in buying center structures, their decision-making processes and purchase decision criteria. We thus provide the necessary foundations for the development and implementation of successful go-to-market strategies.

Market-based or market-oriented pricing is becoming increasingly important. Especially in highly competitive markets, market prices, i.e. competitive prices, have to be taken into account when setting prices. However, in non-transparent B2B markets, especially in the capital goods industry, market prices are often not available at the push of a button. Systematic market price research delivers the necessary results. We will support you with relevant methods to create price transparency in your target markets – also internationally. To do so, we use classical methods such as desk research and mystery shopping as well as innovative, software-supported approaches such as price crawlers.

We gather information on markets and competitors. In addition to static information, we also model the reaction or action of customers. Moreover, we develop strategies for collecting sensitive information from competitors. To benchmark your company against the relevant competitors, we conduct analyses with regard to market development, product portfolio and performance KPIs.

Markets and customer demands are changing. Only those who identify trends in time and accurately can successfully design strategies. We support companies in innovation processes and provide impulses for product development. With our approach of market-oriented innovation management, we examine which trends and innovations are accepted and have a potential for sales. However, our approach is not limited to research: We turn the way of thinking in the innovation process around and give recommendations on how flop rates can be minimized with market-side impulses and how to increase the chances of successful growth.

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