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Market Strategy

Reach sustainable market success with the right strategy!

The target markets of the capital goods industry are complex, heterogeneous and constantly changing. Together with you, we set the strategic guidelines for your sustainable business success, develop a bespoke strategic roadmap and streamline growth and profitability targets. We define the optimal positioning of your company in the international competitive environment, find and develop new business models and evaluate opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.

Corporate strategies must be regularly reviewed against the background of changing markets and adjusted if necessary. Homburg & Partner consistently considers its corporate strategy from the market’s perspective. Would you like to define your 2025 Strategy or are you already planning your 2030 Roadmap? We will support you in market evaluation, positioning, portfolio decisions, evaluation of growth options and target planning. Based on these, we derive functional strategies for the areas of sales, after-sales service, technology, production, supply chain and finance.

As part of many of our projects, we deal with the question of how companies or business units can grow profitably. Especially in the case of medium-sized capital goods manufacturers, this question can only be answered by considering the internationalization and diversification of business structures. While developing growth strategies, we define/prioritize future business areas. This is based on sound market analyses with which we evaluate growth trends, growth drivers and challenges. Based on the results we then orient the target planning, market cultivation, processes and organization of your company towards the market requirements.

Market entry is one of the most critical moments for market success. Regardless of whether it is a product launch or the development of a new regional market, we will support you in the national and international environment from the strategy development to operational implementation. We determine market potentials, market trends and success factors. Together, we develop holistic go-to-market strategies and determine target segments, sales channels, marketing and communication concepts.

The after-sales service business is an attractive profit driver for many capital goods manufacturers. The service business promises stable and highly profitable sales even in saturated markets. However, it is still neglected in many companies. We identify global service potentials, segment customers according to service aspects, support the expansion of the (digital) service portfolio and develop targeted approaches to successfully operate sales. In addition, we will help you design efficient and effective service organization structures and processes.

Many companies have portfolios that grew historically from different business areas or product groups. The logic of these portfolios is often not apparent to companies nor customers. Therefore, core areas are not systematically developed further, marginal products consume more resources than planned and the management team reaches its complexity limits. We will re-sort your portfolio and draw up a plan of which areas should be eliminated or expanded. We use a business case to present to you how the new structure will bring more profitability and sales.

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