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Sales Excellence

We will increase your growth through Sales Excellence!

Can the sales performance of your company be increased further? Our experience shows: The productivity of the market development of many capital goods producers can still be improved. To this end, we define go-to-market strategies for the new machine and after-sales business, develop an optimal sales structure and define growth-optimized channel strategies. We optimize your sales processes and organization. We improve your sales management, select and customize CRM solutions and increase your company’s sales competence.

The sales strategy makes the corporate strategy more concrete with regard to market cultivation. Business types and areas as well as the setup for successful processing of regions and customer segments are specified and prioritized. How are marketing approaches differentiated for end users, engineering companies, plant engineering or OEMs? Which channel do you want to use to sell which product to which customer segment? We define guidelines for the design of the sales organization, the selection of suitable sales channels and the orientation of sales activities.

Industry 4.0, smart products and data-based business models are increasingly focused on by industrial companies during the digitization process. But it’s not just the digitalization of products and services that is progressing rapidly – the way they are marketed is also changing. Hence the focus should not only be on “What do we want to sell?”, but also on “How do we want to sell?” Interactions with customers and those who may become customers are already taking place via digital and analog contact points and channels. The trend’s progress continues even stronger. We identify the digital interfaces for you and design their content in such a way that your customers are optimally guided through customer journeys and decision-making processes.

The current and especially the future role of sales partners is a central issue for many industrial companies. This will be increasingly questioned and redesigned as a result of the growing digitization and stronger interaction of the manufacturing companies with their end customers. Which services should sales partners take over in the future and how should they be rewarded? We will help you to develop new, future-oriented partner models that go beyond the mere handling of third-party deals. Sales partners must be successfully integrated into a multi-channel concept to add real value in the market. That way the prevailing rigid regulation of market cultivation (“My customer – your customer”) can be overcome and joint approaches to market cultivation can be found.

The classic focus of organizational design in sales is on embedding the corporate strategy in suitable roles and functions and designing effective interfaces to the market and within the company. The right number of capacities plays just as important a role as filling the sales positions with employees who have the right set of skills. The appropriate regional allocation of functions and decision-making powers also significantly contributes to optimal market cultivation. What is done and decided at headquarters, what can be achieved locally or in regional clusters? Sales organizations are not a rigid construct that is only optimized once. Instead, excellent companies must offer appropriate solutions for different levels of maturity and be able to react flexibly and agilely to changing market conditions.

Above-average growth and profitability are significantly influenced by the design of sales processes. Industrial companies have increasingly better opportunities at their disposal to noticeably increase market effectiveness and profitability by applying IT solutions and using their own data pool. A key success factor in this area is the differentiation of processes by business type – be it for the components business, for standard products, for configurable products and modular systems, for engineered-to-order products, for systems business or large projects. The key topics also include the systematic identification of sales opportunities, systematic lead generation and structured opportunity management. Furthermore, the efficient design of quotation/tender preparation and order processing as well as professional complaint management are decisive.

Key accounts are the – few – customers who are of existential importance for the business. Within that context, the determining factor must not only be the current sales volume, as is usually the case. Expanding the focus to the sales potential also does not suffice. Greater focus must be placed on the profitability of key accounts, as it is precisely this customer group that will have a say in a company’s ability to act and invest in the future. We will support you in setting up your key account management and developing special support concepts. We will optimize your international key account management by coordinating your sales activities and prices across borders and organizational units.

A systematic and professional sales management enables the increase of effectiveness and efficiency. To begin with, this includes a suitable and balanced set of key figures. These must be monitored regularly and systematically. Which key figures are suitable essentially depends on the business and sales targets. To achieve optimal results, the right behavior must be implemented in sales. Incentive systems play an important role here, not only aligning behavior strategically, but also contributing significantly to motivation and activation in sales by rewarding outcomes and results – either individually or in a team.

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