Industrial Goods & Services

The capital goods industry is the flagship of the German industry. The branch is marked by a high number of Hidden Champions, many of them medium-sized family and traditional companies that have become world market leaders due to their high degree of innovation and their impressive export ratio. 

Industrial Goods & Services is the pulsating heart of the German economy

However, large economic challenges and changes will test the industrial goods & services industry over the next few years. The focus will be on the following developments: 

  • Shift of demand from industry towards emerging markets 
  • Changing value added structures
  • Increasing networking and digitalization 
  • Emergence of new local competitors 
  • Growing environmental awareness

The consequences of these developments are a higher pressure from competition and on prices, not only in emerging countries, but also in the traditional European and U.S. markets. New competitors surprise the market with high quality, cheaper prices and a local proximity to its customers, so that German capital goods manufacturers are losing more and more market shares. The strategic development of new markets and the active cultivation of familiar markets will play a central role for future business success.   

Homburg & Partner is not only your ear close to the market but also your competent partners in terms of developing and implementing excellent concepts in Market Strategy, Sales & Pricing. Our Competence Centre Industrial Goods & Services supports you in the following topics, among others: 

  • Internationalization and growth strategies
  • Strategic alignment within the competitive environment
  • Portfolio management for products and services
  • Business model innovations
  • Sales strategy in new business and after sales
  • Sales organization and processes
  • Key Account Management
  • Multi-Channel-Management 
  • Price strategy and organization
  • Benefit pricing for new machines, components, spare parts and services
  • Price implementation and price controlling
  • Realization of Pricing-Quick-Wins 

Our consulting emphasis is to deliver company-specific solution approaches, aiming to achieve measurable results and exceeding the expectations by our customers.

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