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We will help you generate sustainable and profitable growth with bespoke and state of the art solutions!

Hardly any other industry is as dynamic, innovative and at the same time influences other industries as comprehensively and disruptively as the technology industry. The solutions of tech companies are therefore a central component of corporate success in all sectors.

Innovations such as cloud computing, machine learning (artificial intelligence) or the Internet of Things are overtaking former solutions at an incredible speed. The business models Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) have long since led to Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS). Countless possibilities arise here through the coupling to the most diverse measurement units such as Pay-per-Use, -User, -Unit, -Time, -Success or -View. This rapid progress promises attractive opportunities for the tech industry, but at the same time also poses great challenges. Now more than ever, companies must identify the value drivers of solutions and business models, decipher market mechanisms and understand customer needs in order to ensure effective and profitable marketing in the long term.

Homburg & Partner is a leading specialist in answering these market-strategic questions and realizing growth – from the market-side evaluation of the first product idea to the development of the best business model and efficient, digital multi-channel distribution supported by value-based, dynamic pricing. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting companies with a B2B focus in maintaining a leading position in this dynamic environment. We have also been developing highly successful market-oriented strategies with our clients in order to select and implement the optimal measures that lead to profitable and sustainable growth.

Listed as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups in the tech industry benefit from our many years of expertise in areas such as value creation through the integration of information technology (IT) or by means of agile transformation. A selection of our services:

Our services for IT companies:

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New Product Development

Successful innovations through market analysis.

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Commercial Innovation

Grow with the power of innovation in the tech market.

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Market Strategy Excellence

Lay the foundation for profitable and lasting growth.

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Commercial Model

Insight into the customer’s situation as a guarantee for lasting competitiveness.

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Sales Targeting

Achieve your business goals with an efficient and successful sales force.

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Sales Excellence

Achieve long-term growth in the IT market with our proven Sales Excellence approach.

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Pricing Excellence

Professional pricing as the core element of your company’s success.

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Pricing & Payment Model

Market your solutions with the right pricing and payment models.

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In the tech sector, Homburg & Partner distinguishes between the following three segments:

Homburg & Partner advises providers of infrastructure and cloud solutions, such as computing or storage, via distributors to system houses on issues such as market-oriented price control, sales excellence, multi-channel or portfolio management.

Homburg & Partner advises business IT manufacturers such as MFPs or communication solutions on issues including the market-oriented development of products, pricing and business models as well as value-based pricing. These also cover pipeline, portfolio or market strategies.

Homburg & Partner advises manufacturers and developers of software solutions such as CRM and ERP systems from market-oriented product development and expansion to the introduction of pricing and business models that include as-a-Service and growth strategies.

Our experts for Information Technology

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Managing Director & Partner

Dr. Michael Scholl
Tel.: +49 621 1582-0

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The PLUS-Pricing Assessment – The Challenge of Choosing a Pricing Strategy

The rate of innovation in technology hardware has been accelerating over the past decades. However, a major challenge is defining an optimal launch pricing strategy to realize the new product’s full potential. If the launch price is set too high, the product will get rejected by the market; if on the other hand it is too low, potential profits will be lost – which can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain at a later stage.

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