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Commercial Innovation

Grow with the power of innovation in the tech market.

Owing to a rapidly evolving development in technology as well as an increasing dominance of globally positioned competitors, the IT market is under enormous pressure to provide innovation. In order for your lasting business success to live up to these developments, both a disruptive as well as a successive marketing of innovations are indispensable.

Numerous practical examples verify that important points of orientation such as market demands, future market potential or customer needs dependent on the sales region are frequently neglected or even ignored completely. Some market players are restrained by increasing research and development costs which are generated by the high innovation pressure and fail to regularly adapt their business structures to modern requirements. Our committed technology team therefore offers you straightforward solutions in all areas of an innovation strategy as well as the corresponding innovation organization and processes. To do so, we identify the growth areas in the market relevant to your success and fully equip you with innovation management set for the future.

The Homburg & Partner Commercial Innovation approach focuses on the attractive power of innovation which tech-companies are continuously confronted with. We support you in creating and establishing the best-possible innovation organization in your business and to steer and promote the respective processes in the long-term. For you to make full use of the power of innovation, the following four determining factors are crucial both internally as well as externally:

Commercial Innovation Framework

To ensure a consistent approach to innovation management both within your business as well as for your performance on the technology market, a clear and transparent definition of an innovation strategy is the foundation of success for your primarily disruptive as well as your incremental innovations. The first step, therefore, is to determine a strategic framework for your innovation management in the shape of indication areas, which are consequently adhered to, thus profitably absorbing the high potential of the power of innovation.

Innovation is closely linked with internal questions regarding the appropriate organizational structure, the respective integration in the business context or the allocation of personnel capacities. We implement suitable organizational framework conditions to avoid potential disruptive factors and which culminate in a permeable innovation structure. This is expressed for example in a suitable staffing of positions, closely linked with an appropriate availability of resources, physical locations and an optimal budget.

To perfectly balance your innovation management’s efficiency of resources with creative freedom, we will implement lasting innovation processes in your business. By employing gatekeepers, the innovation processes and how they are structured throughout the company are transparently defined and will become clear to everyone, thereby enabling a free and creative flow within the innovation structures tailored to your requirements.

After all, your internal resources boast a high involvement regarding the relevant markets which is why developing a business culture that promotes creativity leads to completely absorbing the potential of the power of innovation on the technology market. We support you in defining values and guidelines which promote a creative exchange, in addition to a well-founded incentive system that creates an ideal working environment to regularly generate innovation. For this to happen, it is of crucial relevance that the management level consistently sets an example of implementing this innovation culture.

Our experts for Information Technology

Homburg & Partner can look back on many years of experience in pursuing the Commercial Innovation approach to help tech companies turn their technology-based know-how and their resource-related potential into long-term, successful innovations. This will also prepare your company for all future challenges by equipping it with an encompassing innovation management.

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