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Sales Excellence

Achieve long-term growth in the IT market with our proven Sales Excellence approach.

Sales represents the central interface between customers on the market side and services, employees and infrastructure on the company’s side. From an economic perspective, sales management therefore deserves a high degree of attention, especially in times when markets are more frequently being restructured due to new solutions, technologies and innovations. Internal resources and competencies can only guarantee an efficient and lasting successful market presence if the sales strategy, organization and processes are optimally coordinated. In this context we are happy to support you in the areas of for example corporate governance and communication, market positioning and prioritization, customer segmentation as well as channel management, lead management as well as target-2-offer or offer-2-order processes, sales structure and functions, KPI cockpits or sales tools, and customer feedback, external benchmarks and competitor intelligence.

With Homburg & Partner’s Sales Excellence approach we offer you a scientifically-based foundation for your company’s success in all areas. In practice, sales aspects meet with little response at management level far too often or though issues that are not functioning properly might be identified any problem areas beyond these are overlooked or neglected, as extensive experience in sales projects indicate. Based on the following step-by-step approach, at Homburg & Partner we are happy to help you achieve recurring success:

Sales Excellence Consulting Framework

Performance-oriented corporate governance is fundamental for our Sales Excellence in order to ensure sales efficiency that is continuous. Ongoing employee development based on involvement and training sessions as well as an appropriately devised corporate culture is crucial in this regard and should allow for sufficient individual freedom within the sales structure.

Running a wholly intact sales department requires defining its core goals and important KPIs as a framework, allowing for success to be measured transparently. Additionally, we determine your positioning & prioritization – viewed both internally as well as externally, taking your relevant target markets into account including a selection of sales channels and partners tailored to your needs.

Establishing smooth, operable, and comprehensible sales processes is of crucial importance for regular customer visits to internal customer relations management. We support you in identifying the most tangible processes and in communicating them clearly internally.

Both at the internal as well as at the external level we will determine suitable sales units together with you to achieve the given sales targets. Defining and designating tasks, competencies, and responsibilities per unit and taking their capacities into account is of great significance here.

A sales structure can only function if the appropriate systems and tools are available and implemented. We therefore use the Sales Excellence approach to find incentive- and CRM systems as well as negotiation tools and KPI cockpits that are ideal for you in order to make your sales processes operational.

Finally, we support you in effectively analyzing the defined tools and concepts both on the market as well as within your company. Establishing regular feedback loops and benchmarks are vital here in order to provide an ongoing review process that can react to any potential problems and guarantees the data is of a high quality and is very secure.

Sales Excellence Dimensions

Our experts for Information Technology

Homburg & Partner can look back on many years of experience in employing its Sales Excellence approach to fully structure and functionalize your sales, equipping you with a consistent overall plan that is aligned with your individually stated goals, turning your sales force into a successful interface between your company and your target markets.

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