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Breaking through the sales plateau in 3 stages

In the US most medium-sized in-vitro-diagnostic (IVD) companies are confronted with a growth hurdle when the sales of their introductory products begin to plateau. This may be a result of changing customer needs, first competitors’ reactions or simply of products having reached their natural revenue peak in the US. To overcome this critical hurdle, companies have to quickly adapt their strategy to the new situation in terms of a market growth perspective. In numerous growth projects, we developed a how-to for midsize IVD companies in order to overcome their most critical growth hurdle.

Boosting Clinical Sales – Increasing sales in hospitals and hospital clinics with smart contracting

At the latest since the introduction of the AMNOG law, the pricing of drugs has moved into the focus of politics and society. Due to the irreversibility and great importance of the AMNOG price (also in other EU countries), pharmaceutical manufacturers are devoting a great deal of attention and resources to the subjects of benefit assessment and price negotiations.


Picking up on Microbiome Research in Medical Marketing

Regulations on antibiotics highly affects the medical sector, due to the danger of multi-resistance and the general development of resistant bacteria. Scientific research is further focusing on the health effects of a damaged intestinal flora due to antibiotics. The derived insights from scientific research provide valuable content for medical marketing and health policy corrections.

Multi Channel Marketing und Vertrieb ist mit zehn zentralen Risiken konfrontiert

Sales channel strategies: The 10 pitfalls of multichannel marketing

The majority of pharmaceutical companies intend to invest in multichannel marketing (MCM) over the next two years. However, the companies are proceeding differently professionally. During the implementation of MCM typical problems occur again and again.


Multichannel Benchmark 2017

Despite increasing professionalization in the field of multichannel marketing, pharmaceutical companies are not aligning their information channels, frequencies and content with the customer needs of doctors and patients. Learn more in this recent multichannel benchmark study by Homburg & Partner.

Boosting Clinical Sales Thumb

Boosting That Bottom Line: Three Portfolio Pricing Tricks

Increasing the price of your product constitutes one of the most direct ways to enhance profits, turning them into an effective means to improve the bottom line in the short term: Profit gains resulting from price increases are not only exempt from any additional costs, but they become almost immediately visible in a company’s financial reports. In this article, Karl-Hubertus Gruber and Michael Marquardt from Homburg & Partner reveal three techniques medtech companies can use to hike their profits.

The PLUS-Pricing Assessment – The Challenge of Choosing a Pricing Strategy

The rate of innovation in technology hardware has been accelerating over the past decades. However, a major challenge is defining an optimal launch pricing strategy to realize the new product’s full potential. If the launch price is set too high, the product will get rejected by the market; if on the other hand it is too low, potential profits will be lost – which can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain at a later stage.

Quo Vadis In Vitro Diagnostics?

The in vitro diagnostics industry is expected to undergo a transformation. Learn more about the potential disruptors and what IVD companies can do to keep pace.


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