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Market Strategy Excellence

Lay the foundation for successful strategic growth.

The significance and necessity of strategy is greater than ever before in times of a dynamic market environment with increasing structural change due to issues such as digitization, market entry by technology groups outside the industry and economic interdependence. In order to develop a suitable solution for medical technology providers, a large number of strategic factors in the company’s environment must be understood and taken into account to ensure sustainable competitiveness. We are happy to advise you in the areas of company strategy, digitization strategy, marketing and sales strategy, strategies for portfolios, products, and brands as well as market entry and competitive strategies.

With the Market Strategy Excellence approach, Homburg & Partner provides medical tech companies with a simple guideline on how to systematically develop their market-oriented strategy in six modules. These modules include strategic concepts and instruments proven in practice that facilitate developing such strategies.

Market Strategy Excellence Consulting Framework

To begin with, we examine your company and its environment comprehensively using the “5C Model” prior to conducting an analysis using primary surveys and secondary data. The current situation is presented by contrasting customers, the competition, channels as well as country-specific factors with one’s own company.

  • Customers: Preparation of the “Customer Journey” through the analysis of the behavior and needs of doctors, laboratories and health insurance companies
  • Competitors: Creation of meaningful competitor profiles using strength and weakness analyses of your most important competitors
  • Channels: Prioritization of acquisition and logistics distribution channels as well as suitable information channels on the basis of suitability assessments
  • Country specifics: Quantifying the market potential by analyzing country-specific socio-economic and regulatory market environments
  • Company: Determining strengths and weaknesses as well as untapped potential based on a status quo analysis of your company

We then interpret the results of our descriptive analysis and project trends. By using a SWOT analysis, we conduct a comprehensive survey and systematic comparison of strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks as influencing factors on your company’s success in order to thus derive strategic potentials that are internally and externally relevant to success.

The findings collected during the first three modules are then summarized in a “House of Strategy” to present a target situation and produce strategic principles. By means of the strategy house we then derive specific recommendations for action from the SWOT matrix based upon which you will be able to strategically position your company for the future.

The last step to successfully complete developing a strategy is to guarantee a clearly controlled implementation thereof. To do so, we use a guideline to translate the strategic principles into operative measures and develop areas of activity which are then broken down into concrete individual measures.

Finally, we initiate a control process which runs through all modules and tests the effectiveness and validity of the development and implementation of the strategy – an element neglected often in business practice despite its major importance. This strategy control serves as a regular means of measuring the achievement of objectives, with key metrics such as sales, growth rates or installed base serving as KPIs.

The following project examples will give you an impression of the appealing power of our MSE approach in practice

  • Growth strategy for an internationally operating diagnostics company with a focus on formulating portfolio expansion to significantly increase the installed equipment base
  • Definition of the country strategy in Mexico for a globally leading diagnostics manufacturer to identify growth options
  • Formulation and evaluation of new pricing and business models for a leading global manufacturer of endoscopy equipment
  • Development of a precision medicine strategy for a leading diagnostics company and transition to a roadmap by 2030

Our experts for medical technology

Homburg & Partner can look back upon many years of experience in using the MSE approach to efficiently connect external opportunities in the medical technology sector with customers’ internal resources and to successfully develop market growth strategies for medical tech companies active in a purely domestic or international context.

Do you have questions or would you like to discuss the topic? Then feel free to contact our experts Dr. Michael Scholl, Karl-Hubertus Gruber and Dr. Michael Marquardt.

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