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Our strategies guarantee sustainable and profitable growth for pharmaceutical companies.

The global pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges. Rising research and development costs, complex market access and pricing conditions, increasing competitive pressure and digitization require new and innovative strategies. In order to adequately meet these challenges, pharmaceutical companies must understand the mechanisms of their market as well as individual customer requirements holistically. In a dynamic market environment, strategies and organizational structures must be consistently evaluated and aligned with the needs of patients, service providers and payers. Previously untapped potentials in market development must be raised in order to act more successfully. Homburg & Partner supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in establishing themselves successfully and sustainably in their relevant markets.

You can benefit from our many years of international project experience in the areas of growth and competitive strategy, multi-channel marketing, pricing and market access, transformation & restructuring, training & academy concepts and many other specialist areas. Building on our experience, we will develop holistic, custom solution concepts with you on a national and international level. We develop best-in-class concepts and strategies for you based on our profound knowledge of all relevant disease patterns and therapeutic areas as well as the requirements of global and European healthcare systems.

With our help you will master your specific situation.

With 20 years of project experience, we offer expertise in all important indications of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Consulting Indication Experience
  • Market entry strategy for a heart failure drug
  • Organizational set-up and structure of sales department
  • Hospital pricing strategy for an innovative cardiovascular drug
  • Needs analysis and competitive intelligence in palpitation
  • Sales at risk calculation coagulation monitoring
  • Growth strategy for a diabetes business unit
  • Sales and commercial channel strategy for an innovative glucose-meter
  • Business model for insulin pumps and glucose-meters
  • Brand planning for a new diabetes drug
  • Satisfaction loyalty assessment of GPs and diabetes specialists
  • Portfolio strategy for dermatology business unit
  • Brand planning for innovative psoriasis drug
  • Re-positioning strategy for product for decubitus therapy
  • Competitive defense strategy for anti-mycotic treatment
  • Post-merger growth strategy for dermatology business unit
  • Positioning and launch strategy for a drug against irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Market assessment and business potential in the field of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Internationalization strategy for an IBS drug
  • Sales force org design in gastroenterology
  • Positioning strategy for a manufacturer of influenza vaccination
  • International pricing strategy in the field of sexual transmitted diseases
  • Market assessment and competitive strategy in the field of HPV vaccination
  • Redefinition of sales strategy for vaccines manufacturer
  • Generics defense strategy in the field of schizophrenia
  • Brand strategy and indication expansion in mental health
  • Launch strategy for a new drug against restless legs
  • Market assessment/ hurdle analysis for a psychotropic drug
  • Analysis of digital offerings for Alzheimer products
  • Organization and structure of an oncology sales department
  • Brand strategy for oncology drug portfolio in launch phase
  • Growth strategy for oncology business unit
  • Marketing performance improvement for oncology business unit
  • Stakeholder analysis in oncology for new sales focus
  • Brand strategy for a manufacturer with respiratory drug portfolio
  • Competitive response strategy in preparation of competitor launch
  • Stakeholder analysis and trend evaluation in respiratory market
  • Market-oriented business model for respiratory support devices
  • Launch pricing and market access strategy for a drug to treat a rare hematological disease
  • Market entry strategy for a product against an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system
  • Market evaluation of a rare disease in hematology after competitive entry and derivation of an optimal price and competitive strategy
  • International price strategy in the field of pain medicine
  • Market launch strategy and support for a new renal insufficiency drug
  • Tactical planning for an improved product in urology including definition of target groups, core messages, tactics and meaningful KPIs

Our experts for the pharmaceutical sector

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Multichannel Benchmark 2017

Despite increasing professionalization in the field of multichannel marketing, pharmaceutical companies are not aligning their information channels, frequencies and content with the customer needs of doctors and patients. Learn more in this recent multichannel benchmark study by Homburg & Partner.


Picking up on Microbiome Research in Medical Marketing

Regulations on antibiotics highly affects the medical sector, due to the danger of multi-resistance and the general development of resistant bacteria. Scientific research is further focusing on the health effects of a damaged intestinal flora due to antibiotics. The derived insights from scientific research provide valuable content for medical marketing and health policy corrections.

Krankenhausflur, auf dem mehrere Krankenpfleger laufen, sich mit Patienten unterhalten und Betten schieben

Boosting Clinical Sales – Increasing sales in hospitals and hospital clinics with smart contracting

At the latest since the introduction of the AMNOG law, the pricing of drugs has moved into the focus of politics and society. Due to the irreversibility and great importance of the AMNOG price (also in other EU countries), pharmaceutical manufacturers are devoting a great deal of attention and resources to the subjects of benefit assessment and price negotiations.

Multi Channel Marketing und Vertrieb ist mit zehn zentralen Risiken konfrontiert

Sales channel strategies: The 10 pitfalls of multichannel marketing

The majority of pharmaceutical companies intend to invest in multichannel marketing (MCM) over the next two years. However, the companies are proceeding differently professionally. During the implementation of MCM typical problems occur again and again.

Bei Patentauslauf muss die Unternehmensstrategie im Marketing, Vertrieb und Pricing angepasst werden

The Way to a Competitive Response Strategy

Over the next few years, some of the best-selling biopharmaceutical active ingredients will lose their patent protection. While the volume of expired biopharmaceutical patents in Germany in 2014 was still € 117 million, it will be 11 times higher in 2015 at € 1,339 million.