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Growth & Competitive Strategy

Develop sustainable growth or maintain market position.

A lot of companies have growth targets, but no clear way to achieve them. We will help you to find the best way to profitable growth. In addition, we can support you in identifying, evaluating and designing strategies to pursue the most attractive growth opportunities at the portfolio, region or product level. We also offer support in the development of effective competitive strategies in the event of significant changes in the competition.

For example, market positions achieved by innovative drugs are at risk, especially from the first day after patent expiration, with double-digit declines in sales already threatening in the first year after the launch of a competitor product. Hence it is even more critical to have a sustainable strategy for this situation at an early stage and not to leave newly emerging market constellations to chance.

Homburg & Partner has already accompanied many pharmaceutical companies during one of the most challenging phases in the product life cycle of an innovative drug and knows the typical factors that are essential to successfully traverse the period of a pending patent loss. With the help of our Strategic Defense Framework and based on our proven methodology, we compile solutions to the most important questions and develop the right strategy for your product together with you.

Baseline for this is the calculation of the explicit financial risk (sales at risk) that results from price erosion or loss of market share using our Competitive Threat Index. This index takes both internal and external indication-specific and country-specific drivers of this risk into account. Based on an anticipation of potential competitor actions, we can then evaluate a variety of strategic defense options and derive stakeholder-specific tactics. A dedicated and target-group specific action plan including clear responsibilities and timelines can optimally support in the operational implementation of your defense strategy as well as the successful defense of the market position of your innovative drug after patent loss.

Our Growth Strategy Framework identifies potential for growth and

provides reliable recommendations for action:

Growth Strategy Consulting Framework

Our Strategic Defense Framework helps to develop optimal defense strategies after patent expiry:

Strategic Defense Consulting Framework

Our service portfolio in the area of Growth & Competitive Strategy:

  • Portfolio growth opportunity identification
  • Product growth opportunity identification
  • Competitive strategy and response strategy
  • Patent expiry/Loss-of-Exclusivity strategy
  • Biosimilar and generic growth & defense strategy

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