Hand skimming through opened book, text "Priceless Pricing Knowledge"

Everything has its price here, you can learn all about it.

Over 20 years of project experience leave their mark – not just referring to the reputation as experts for strategy, sales, and pricing which we built over these two decades. Our knowledge grew as well, along with each successful project. From our beginnings onward, we stand for the combination of specialized consulting practice with scientific theory. We have never forgotten the academic background we once emerged from as a company.

These roots are reflected in our pricing glossary. Here, you find entries and explanations for over 70 pricing-related topics, covering everything from auctions to yield pricing. By combining academic insights with practical knowledge, we aim to provide readers with a better understanding of the often-abstract topic of pricing through concrete examples. The result: priceless pricing knowledge.

Enough theory? Interested in practical insights? Learn more about our industry-specific pricing expertise: