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Professional pricing software and pricing tools for successful price management

With the progressing digitalization, the use of intelligent pricing software and pricing tools has become increasingly important when it comes to long-term corporate success. In particular the increased price transparency poses great challenges for companies in virtually all industries and leads to a change in thinking in pricing. The latest developments in the “Pricing Software” and “Pricing Tool” field simultaneously enable a price management that is optimized, market-oriented and efficient.

Successful pricing with PRIMA

The successful digitalization of sales thus largely depends on the introduction of the right pricing software. With PRIMA (PRIce MAnager), Homburg & Partner offers a proven solution that combines professional price management and maximum process efficiency in one software package.  PRIMA covers all pricing activities within a central platform holistically and in line with your pricing strategy.

PRIMA’s six modules

overview on all modules of the pricing software PRIMA

Functions and benefits of our pricing software at a glance



PRIMA’s intelligent algorithms process and analyze large amounts of data with ease.

Our pricing software helps you generate valuable insights for your pricing.

Imported data is automatically validated and cleansed by our pricing software.

PRIMA assists you in always achieving the best data quality.

Our pricing software handles processes which would be tedious or error-prone to humans.

Your employees can take on strategically important tasks instead of doing the groundwork.

Our pricing software enforces standardized processes in pricing.

PRIMA achieves this by making sure these processes are safely and easily conducted.

KPIs for price optimization can be gained from PRIMA’s price controlling function.

Our pricing software ensures maximum transparency about important pricing KPIs.

PRIMA’s modules can be individually selected and configured during setup.

Our pricing software can be tailored to your individual budget and business model.

PRIMA calculates expected effects of your pricing strategy and price adjustments.

You can achieve more transparent and successful price adjustments based on PRIMA’s data.

Due to automized technical interfaces, PRIMA can be integrated seamlessly into your IT environment.

PRIMA is implemented easily and provides technical stability for your operative business.

You can easily create, administrate and edit user groups and rights in PRIMA.

Our pricing software guarantees full control and security in access management.

Portfolios are easily built and administered through filter use and tree structures.

By applying these structuring mechanisms, your pricing can be controlled more efficiently.

All data is stored on your own servers, our pricing software can be distributed as client application.

Your data remains safe on your server, no third party will gain access to it.

Digitalization of Pricing Management

Pricing as a central growth and profit lever requires special attention and can therefore make a significant contribution to increasing the EBIT margin. Especially in the current race for digitalization, the quality of the pricing software and pricing tools employed will play a main role and determine long-term competitiveness.

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